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IT Asset Disposition

Comprehensive IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Our professional IT asset disposition service includes data center hardware storage, asset re-deployment, secure on-site or off-site data destruction, equipment recycling and hardware resale. Choose the services you need to fill gaps in your ITAD strategy, or let us handle the process from beginning to end.

Challenges We Solve

Whether you are in a business or technical role, below are some of the common needs and pain points we solve as one of the highly-acclaimed ITAD companies on the market 今天.
    • Lost value in aging equipment
    • Data security – data bearing devices cannot leave the premises
    • 失去了财产
    • Multi-location assets difficult to manage
    • Consistent technology refresh
    • Too many vendors to manage
    • Higher demand for faster data devices quickly making others obsolete
    • Need for floor space, cooling, and power for newer technology
    • Support for decommissioning gear reduces IT time for supporting the business

ITAD Asset Minimums

ITAD services from Park Place Technologies must meet asset minimums. Unit volume thresholds are different depending on whether you require onsite or offsite ITAD management.
  • Disk/Tape Destruction Minimums

    Onsite Destruction:

    • 250 drives/tapes

    Offsite Destruction:

    • NO MINIMUM if you plan to ship to Park Place Technologies
    • 150 drives/tapes for Park Place Technologies pick-up
  • Data Erasure Minimums

    Onsite Erasure:

    • 200年开

    Offsite Erasure:

    • 50 drives if you plan to ship to Park Place Technologies
    • 100 drives for Park Place Technologies pick-up

    *Data erasure will depend on your organization’s policy requirements. Learn more about different data erasure standards 今天.

ITAD services for data centers - offsite process

Key Features of ITAD

Our IT asset disposal services feature the following processes that can help keep your disposition secure and sustainable.
  • Decommissioning of computing devices
  • Process include hard-drive erasure and destruction
  • Devices can be repurposed, resold, or recycled
  • Full range of services from de-install, 包装, transportation, 处理, and certificates of erasure / destruction